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Friday, October 20, 2006

Who needs a dog?

I never thought I would fall in love while I was here. But after the last couple of months I realize I may as well own up to it… I am in love with pigs. They are absolutely the cutest things. Piglets chasing each other across the lawn will mesmerize me every time. When they get up to speed they draw their front and hind legs together and move across the earth in little leaps and bounds. The adults are cute too… I adore their deeper, full bodied grunts… really just too cute.

During training I very nearly had a pig. It was the runt of the litter and had been abandoned. The night before Ema had saved it from a dog but with no mom feeding the poor thing it was getting weak. Leo brought it into the classroom and the next thing you know it mine for the day. I fed it and it slept in my lap during class. I was getting quite attached. Unfortunately there was no way I could keep it… how in the world was I going to get a 200 pound pig back to the states… furthermore what was I going to do with it in NYC? It’s not like I could give the pig to anyone here they’d just eat it I went in search of my darling pig’s owners, who turned out to the be the pastor and his family. I was asked if I wanted to keep the pig and upon my response in the negative I was assured that they would take care of the pig. So I like to think the pig is growing up happy and safe with the pastor… I try not to think of what will happen when it gets big.

I have resolved to have a potbelly pig when I return to the states… just as soon as I move somewhere that has space for the pig to run.


  • At 4:57 PM, Blogger Jayangel said…

    YEAH JAME!!! she's having fun with the pigs!!! Never would i have thought i'd be saying that about you :-) . You look great and its good to see some pics of your friends. Hope to hear from you soon. Love ya! -jamie

  • At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    JAME!!!!! Love your little piglet! Maybe we can keep one in Miami!!! Heck...they let the roosters roam the streets...why not a pig! They ARE much cleaner than most animala I know...both two and four legged!!!!

    The 2nd anniversary party is this coming Saturday at BellyMotions....we ALL miss you. Take care!!!

    Love from your pal Val ;-)


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